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Rolla is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Options trading platform built on Polygon. With Rolla, you'll be able to trade crypto options for free, instantly, in a permissionless and easy to use web and mobile app. We are blurring the line between DeFi and regular finance, starting with permissionless option trading.

Our team is a tenacious, fun and optimistic group spread out across the world working towards a decentralized financial future. You’ll be joining a highly technical team that values shipping beautiful, usable products to give people real control over their financial future.

We’re also backed by the top investors and market makers in the cryptocurrency space that believe in our vision. At Rolla, you’ll have access to industry leaders, developers, exchanges and traders to collaborate and engage with as you pioneer the next frontier of DeFi.


  • Optimize a fast, simple and enjoyable experience across the Rolla web and mobile platforms
  • Work together with designers and backend engineers to implement new features and integrations


  • At least 3 years of React experience
  • Prior experience working with component libraries or design teams in user-facing applications
  • A deep understanding of the architecture of modern client-side React applications

Even better if you

  • Familiarity with the web3 frontend stack
  • Experience with TypeScript in React
  • Are a DeFi power user
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