Senior Software Engineer



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Who you are

  • Curious
  • Motivated
  • Sometimes Lazy
  • Competitive
  • Above Average Grit
  • Enneagram 3
  • Mission Driven
  • Optimistic
  • Risk Tolerant
  • Way Better Than Your Peers
  • Detail Oriented
  • Clever
  • Developer with 1-3 years of experience

What the job is

  • Fullstack development (Vue.js, Angular 8+, Typescript, SQL, MongoDB, C#)
  • Participate in UI/UX discussions (Figma)
  • Write great code and build awesome things
  • Test stuff to make sure it doesn't break
  • Fix it fast when it does break
  • Empathize with end user
  • Work well under pressure and deadlines (Clubhouse)
  • Enjoy arguing about pedantic things without holding a grudge (Slack)
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Give feedback right away
  • Be blunt and open an honest
  • Work with some remote folks from time to time (Zoom)
  • Don't sweep stuff under the rug
  • Take a minimum of 2 weeks of vacation a year
  • Really try to enjoy it and not think about work the whole time
  • Make super pretty stuff that works really well and quickly
  • Learn quickly
  • Have access to really awesome developers
  • Be a conduit for product feedback to Product Managers (Clubhouse)
  • Openly receive coaching
  • Demand personal and professional growth
  • Take leadership to contribute towards company objectives
  • Participate in code reviews
  • Test other people's stuff
  • Give blunt feedback

Who you'll work with

  • Product managers and designers to tell you why it needs to be built
  • VP of Engineering and CTO for workload and technical direction
  • Direct contact with small and medium manufacturers as customers
  • Mentors with experience at top tech companies
  • The CEO for one off internal projects
  • Super smart people who are nerds that sometimes successfully pretend to be cool

What you want out of your workplace

  • Be pushed to do the best work of your life
  • Grow fast with no political or hierarchical limits
  • Build real software that's used by real users, right away
  • Work with some of the most motivated and talented people you'll ever meet
  • Scale rapidly in a startup environment
  • Experience true transparency into every facet of business operations

About fulcrum

  • Looking for go-getters who have a passion for helping small businesses and want to take an active role in transforming the manufacturing industry in the United States
  • We make software. For manufacturers. That are typically smaller. Like, really awesome software. That works well, and is pretty. Really pretty.

Recently venture backed by top performing VC firms:


    • Base Salary: $110,000.00 - $200,000.00 per year
  • Salary negotiable
  • Opportunity to earn merit based bonus
  • Equity options available
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